Welcome to the SportsPlex new Personal Trainers


The SportsPlex would like to welcome our new Personal Trainers: Chris Lamay, Nat Shapiro and Rob Regan. Be sure to say hello when you see them and maybe even sign up for a training session with one of these guys!

Chris Lamay

ChrisLI have always enjoyed watching and helping people reach their goals and I am so excited to have the opportunity to do this as a personal trainer. I chose to pursue the path of becoming a personal trainer because fitness is my passion. I received my certification through the ISSA and my areas of expertise would be sport specific training, and strength training.

Nat Shapiro

NatSI am certified by the National Association of Sports Medicine (NASM). My initial inspiration to pursue personal training as a profession was purely for my love of working out. After a while I began noticing trainers really helping people who were out of shape or furthering other’s athletic abilities. I have been around sports my whole life and never really found my niche until now.  At first,  I was only interested in weight training, but the more I started integrating high intensity interval work-outs for my clients and myself, the more results I began to see. Versatility and enjoyment are two of the most important aspects of exercise for everyone.  I strive to provide these aspects into every workout for my clients.

Rob Regan


My certification is NFPT. I graduated from Campbell University, where I learned that fitness is a very important part of life. So I believe that fitness can contribute to the quality of one’s life, no matter what age group or background. I specialize in muscle mass, power lifting, sport specific training and conditioning.

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