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Cooke_headshotUniversity Physical Therapy is now providing physical therapy services at the Orange County Sportsplex!

Are you a weekend warrior and battling a sidelining injury?  Are you not moving as well as you’d like and want to be more active?  Physical therapy can help!  Physical therapists are trained to improve motion and mobility and can help you decrease your pain and get you back to life!

A physical therapist can examine your movement and address any tight or weak muscles, loss of motion in your joints, and any alterations in posture and alignment of your spine and limbs.  Physical therapists can even help with walking and balance problems.  When you can move better, you can move more easily making walking, household activities, work and recreation more enjoyable.  When you move better, you can be more active and healthy, control your weight through exercise, and perhaps even take less medication for other medical conditions.  Physical therapy may even help you avoid surgery in some cases.

When you attend physical therapy, a physical therapist will provide hands-on guidance of movement and address any musculoskeletal or neuromuscular pain you may have.  You will often receive a home exercise program of exercises prescribed by your physical therapist to enhance your movement and decrease your pain.  This creates a collaborative approach to treatment through a partnership between the physical therapist and the patient.

At University Physical Therapy, you are treated by physical therapy faculty who teach in the Division of Physical Therapy at UNC.  Jennifer Cooke, PT, DPT is the physical therapist at University Physical Therapy at the Orange County Sportsplex.  Jennifer went to UNC for her undergraduate and graduate training.  She graduated from UNC with her Masters in Physical Therapy in 2003 and then became a Doctor of Physical Therapy in 2008.  Jennifer has primarily practiced in orthopedics.  Clinical interests and expertise include shoulder, knee, and lower extremity conditions. She also has advanced training in prenatal and postpartum physical therapy, orthotics fabrication, functional movement and corrective exercise, and advanced manual therapy techniques. This training has allowed Jennifer to blend manual therapy and exercise prescription for positive patient outcomes. In addition to clinical practice, Jennifer also teaches physical therapy doctoral students and physical therapy residents through UNC.

University Physical Therapy at the Orange County Sportsplex treats a variety of movement conditions including joint pain (shoulder, hip, knee and ankle), sprains and strains, arthritis, and neck and back pain.  Feel free to stop by the clinic at the front of the Sportsplex and speak to Jennifer about your specific physical therapy needs.  Did you know that most insurances will allow you to see a physical therapist without a referral from your physician?  You can schedule your appointment for physical therapy by calling 919-732-6600.  For additional information about physical therapy, please visit the American Physical Therapy Association’s Move Forward website at www.moveforwardpt.com.

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