Russian Sports Massage…what is it?


What is Russian Sports Massage? 

Sports-Massage-TherapyRussian Sports Massage is a systematic application of therapeutic massage for the relaxation of muscles and for strengthening the bodies ability to heal itself. It uses deeply warming friction, kneading and percussive movements to both soothe and energize the body.  It was developed in the former Soviet Union by doctors and physiotherapists. Russian Sports Massage is scientifically proven effective for treating medical conditions and for optimizing athletic performance.   Margery can design a session for you with Russian Sports Massage to address your particular needs.

This month we want to introduce a new modality at the SportsPlex: Russian Sports massage. Our Massage Therapist Margery Price is certified in this modality and we are offering it at a special rate of $50.00 for the hour. Call to book your session with Margery.


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