Our Wellness Director Gives Thanks


“As Thanksgiving approaches, we can all be thankful for many things.  The crisp Autumn air, the beautiful fall colors and the anticipation of the beginning of the Holiday season.  As I left the SportsPlex the other night, I realized how thankful I was for this facility.


In the lobby, I passed kids dressed in their Gis leaving their Martial Arts class, people finishing up their beginning fencing class (including a father/son taking the class together.), members leaving after working out or swimming, kids taking swim lessons and Seniors leaving classes at the Senior Center.  I couldn’t help but be impressed and awed by a facility I have worked at for 18 years.


So not only am I Thankful for a great job in an amazing facility, I am thankful for a dedicated, professional staff that cares about people.  I am thankful for members who appreciate the unique opportunities they have to be active and healthy.  I am thankful for a community that supports our effort to provide these opportunities.


January is the traditional time to make fitness resolutions, but I think Thanksgiving is a great time to realize all the different resources available to our community and start your fitness resolutions early!”

~Susan Clayton

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