May is National Water Safety Month



1. Never swim alone!

2. If you don’t know how to swim, only swim with an adult who does.

3. If possible only swim when a lifeguard is present.

4. Wear a lifejacket or other life saving device approved by the United States Coast Guard.

5. Only swim in places meant for swimming: pools, lakes, beaches. Avoid dams, swamps, and rapids. Never dive into water where you can’t see the bottom.

6. If you see someone drowning, find a lifeguard or an adult who knows how to swim. Do not save anyone on your own, unless there is a flotation device near by that you can throw to the victim.

7. Never pretend to drown.

8. Never eat food or chew gum while swimming.

9. Never push your friends in the water!

10. Learn to swim!!

To register for Orange County SportsPlex Swim Lessons:

Online: By Phone: (919) 644 – 0339, ext. 241

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