Master Swimmers highlight


Photo credit: Beau Dary- age 4

Cori and Luke Dary

We were really excited to join the Sportsplex’s Masters swimming program this year. It has helped both of us to set aside time to exercise (one hour, three days a week), allowed us to meet and socialize with other swimmers, provides us with great workouts, and provides a safe environment for constructive feedback on our (mostly Luke’s) strokes. The lifetime fitness benefits alone, which Luke especially has seen noticeable improvement in, make it a worthwhile activity.

Recently, we had the chance to compete in the Sunbelt Masters swim meet in Huntersville. Swimming and competing against other Masters swimmers from around the state was a fun experience. There were swimmers from a wide range of age groups and abilities, but the environment was not intimidating at all despite some of the large teams and fast swimmers participating. Since we were only a few months into Masters swimming, we were very encouraged by the potential that someday our team might be large too. We even brought our two little boys, and they were able to cheer us on from the deck as we swam and help count laps for Cori on her 500 free.

Jerry, the coach, organizes the choose-your-distance (low, med, and high) workouts in a way that ensures that we get to work on all four strokes, speed, endurance, and good technique at a level that is appropriate. We feel that the workouts prepared us really well for the meet. Our endurance has increased tremendously and we are definitely getting faster. At this point, just finishing our races would have been enough, but we were very happy with our times. The meet was a great way to set personal standards that we can look to improve upon as we continue with the program.

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