Water Aerobics

Aquatic Fitness classes offer a safe, comfortable, and efficient way for people of all ages, sizes, and fitness levels to get and stay fit.

The aquatic environment works nearly every muscle group in one workout, helping to build lean muscle tissue and burn body fat. Exercising in water is very low impact, allowing individuals to participate who might be physically unable to in a traditional exercise environment. No swimming skills are needed for any of our classes. And most of all............it's FUN!

Class Descriptions:

Below is a sample of some of the classes we offer. Please check our monthly schedules for more details.

Water Walk - A low impact aerobic workout that tones the muscles of the arms, chest, shoulders, legs, glutes and back. The higher resistance of the water will give you a greater workout with no risk of injury to your joints. Thirty minutes of water walking is equivalent to 2 hours of walking on dry land! No swimming experience is necessary. (The Mon. Wed. Friday class is a low level while the Tuesday Thursday class is a little more challenging.)

Cardio Split (formally Aqua Train and Tone) - Boost your energy level and experience increased strength and flexibility with “TNT”! This aqua fitness class combines the benefits of aerobic conditioning and resistance training, and is suitable for all ages and abilities. Enjoy the class camaraderie as you work muscles in easy to follow patterns in the rec pool and the deep pool.

Aqua Step and Stamina - The fast paced Aqua Step class provides a great cardiovascular workout to the latest music. These aqua step classes will challenge participants at every level, beginners all the way to the most experienced fitness participant! Then we move to aerobic workouts in the 4 feet and the shallow end. You never know what kind of fun you’ll have!

Ocean Motion - Join us in the “cool” water of the deep pool while we make “waves”! Get a great cardio workout using various styles of water ambulation all while strengthening and toning, For intermediate exercisers and beyond.

The Deep - Use the water as a gym for the total body. This class is in the deep water, using floatation devises and other equipment to stabilize the body and add resistance to the water. This class works on toning, defining the muscles and adding endurance.

Open Intensity - This class is designed to keep you moving! Can you sweat in the water? We will use different equipment to tone your muscles while keeping your heart rate up to burn calories. This class is in the rec pool and appropriate for all fitness levels.

Summer Swim Team Prep Class starts April 20th! 
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Private Swim Lessons

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Water Safety Information
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