Adult Hockey Leagues for all ages and skill levels!

The Orange County Sportsplex is proud to be the host of 4 separate adult hockey leagues. We have 3 leagues divided up by skill level and an Over 40 Division. The B Division intended for advanced players, the C Division intended for intermediate players, and the D Division intended for beginners and players over 50 years of age. We encourage new players to come check out the leagues and decide which is the best fit for them. We monitor every league to ensure that players are not playing at a skill level above or below their ability. We strive to keep all the teams competitive, while also respecting the desire of most teams to stay together. Game results, statistics, and division standings are tracked by DASH and updated at the completion of each game for you to review on your Sportsplex account. At the conclusion of every regular season, a 2-3 round playoff will decide the division winner, with teams seeded based on the final standings. For more information and for team placement, please contact the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Information and Classes

SUMMER 2019 Adult Hockey League 
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   B Division (Sunday Nights)
   C Division (Tuesday Nights)
   D Division (Thursday Nights)
   Over 40 Division 
(Monday Nights)

TAHL Game Schedules

Youth Learn-to-Play Hockey Classes
Spring Session starts on Sunday, March 3rd!
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Triangle Youth Hockey
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Private Lessons

Skate Sharpening